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BF-47 Adjustable Flat and Incline Bench with Converging Arms

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BF-47 Lever Bench w/decline/sit up position
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 The Valor Fitness BF-47 Adjustable Flat/Incline Bench Press is great for the individual user that may need a safety catch if lifting alone. Each arm is independent of the other which allows the user to place variable weight levels on each arm if needed, or if they simply wish to focus on one side at a time. This can be especially important for those that may be recovering from an injury and need to really focus on strengthening one arm or side of the chest at a time and even out their strength levels. The extra long seat pad allows the user to adjust their position for a different range of motion or to target the muscles from a different angle. The high-density, dual-layered pad folds down for the incline bench feature and acts as an ab crunch board. The foam ankle pads secure the user and support ankles and knees when performing ab crunches. The safety catches allow each arm to be rested when not in use and protect the user in the event the lift cannot be completed. Each safety catch, featuring a protective rubber strip, has 9 different adjustment positions using a locking pin, allowing a 8” range. A plate storage peg is featured on both sides of the unit to allow a clean and organized home gym. Each storage peg measures 8” long and 1” in diameter. The BF-47 has a maximum weight load of 125 lb per arm, allowing users to train with up to 250 lb total.

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