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DA-6 Tripod Flat Bench with Wheels
DA-6 Tripod Flat Bench with Wheels

DA-6 Tripod Flat Bench with Wheels

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Product name: DA-6 Flat Bench
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If you are looking for a versatile, heavy-duty flat bench that you can easily transport around your gym, the Valor Fitness DA-6 is exactly what you have been looking for. Featuring a non-slip grip handle at the front of the base, and 2 high impact nylon wheels at the rear, users can easily transport the DA-6 Flat Bench to their preferred location in the gym – simply grasp the handle and lift, then seamlessly roll the bench wherever you need to perform exercises such as dumbbell bench press, chest flies, shoulder press, tricep kickbacks, dumbbell rows, or even seated bicep curls. With the handle and wheel feature, you can also easily slide the DA-6 between the uprights of a power rack to perform bench press with a barbell. With the tripod base, constructed of a 12-gauge 2” x 4” steel frame, users have more room to place their feet on the ground for maximum stability and a more efficient workout rather than having to place them on the frame on the bench or have them in an awkward position. The tripod base also ensures stability and prevents rocking, while the steel L-bracket is incorporated in the frame just below the pad on both ends of the bench for added reinforcement to prevent collapsing or bending over time, while the high-density, dual layered padding is designed for optimal comfort while under intense stress. With a footprint of 53.5” x 21” x 16”, the Valor Fitness DA-6 Flat Bench is sure to satisfy all your needs while supporting up to 750 lb!

Part Number: 844192000703


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