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DA-7 Flat Bench
DA-7 Flat Bench

DA-7 Flat Bench

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DA-7 Flat Bench
Part Number: 844192000710
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The Valor Fitness DA-7 is a heavy-duty Flat Bench designed for any home or light-commercial gym. Constructed of a 12-gauge, 2” x 2.75” steel frame that ensures stability during exercise, each foot is features a rubber base cap to prevent any movement or slipping while in use while also preventing damage to gym floors. Despite its simple design, the DA-7 is extremely versatile and allows a wide range of exercises to be performed in just one location, including dumbbell bench press, chest flies, tricep kickbacks, one-arm dumbbell rows, and even abdominal exercises and many others. Measuring 45” x 22” x 16”, and weighing just 30 lb, users can even slide this bench between the frame of a rack to perform bench presses with a barbell, further adding to its versatility. Designed with a continuous frame to add stability, users can be confident in the DA-7’s strength as it can hold up to 500 lb including their weight. The steel L-bracket is incorporated in the frame just below the pad on both ends of the bench for added reinforcement to prevent collapsing or bending during intense workouts. The high-density pad measuring 43.5” x 9.5” x 2.5” is also designed for optimal comfort during exercise. The Valor Fitness DA-7 Flat Bench is the standard, heavy-duty bench that is an essential addition to any home or light-commercial gym!

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