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MB-47B Olympic Curl Bar 47"

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MB-47B 47" Curl/Tricep Bar
Part Number: 844192005555
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The Valor Fitness MB-47B, 47" Weight Lifting Training Bar was designed to develop upper arm mass and strength. This Weight Bar isolates and intensifies development of the tricep, bicep and forearm muscles. Ergonomic, curved shape allows for an easier grip and a frim hold while reducing stress on the wrists and elbows. Textured grip handles allow for a secure grip on the bar with or without Valor Fitness Weightlifting Gloves. Unique design allows this bar to be used for curls, skull crushers, wide grip curls, preacher curls, reverse curls, upright rows, and overhead tricep extension. Two Olympic Chrome T-Screw Collars are included with purchase. Collars have a solid Steel screw that runs through the collar and twists to secure in place. Men’s Standard Size Grip, 28mm. 3-year warranty.

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