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OB-HXP Parallel Trap Bar
OB-HXP Parallel Trap Bar

OB-HXP Parallel Trap Bar

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The Valor Fitness OB-HXP Hex Trap Bar features four rotating handles that allow the user to choose which grip works the best and gradually work up to wider grips. Handles include the 25mm (women’s bar size), 28mm (men’s bar size), 41mm (strong man size) and the 51mm/2in. (axle bar). The OB-HXP Bar is unique to any other trap bar on the market with grip handles that are parallel to the weights just as on a traditional barbell. The handles assure correct lifting form allowing lifters midline center of gravity to stay balanced and reducing unnecessary strain on spine to safely lift heavy weight. Shoulder Shrugs and Squats are the primary lifting functions adding muscle and strengthening the shoulders, back, legs and core. Rubber stoppers have been included in the design to protect gym floors from damage or scratching. Note: The OB-HXP is not meant to be dropped. Damage may still occur if not set down properly. Purchase includes Olympic collar, spring clips, rubber stoppers for Standard and Olympic weights. Olympic Sleeve comes off to accommodate users with Standard Plates. Max Weight Capacity 500 lbs. Warranty - 3 years under normal use. Total footprint measures 64.5 in. x 30 in. x 12 in.

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