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OB-Multi Multi-Grip Olympic Bar

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OB-Multi - Multi Grip Olympic Bar
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The Valor Fitness OB-MULTI Multi-Grip Olympic Weightlifting Bar is an essential additional to any home or light-commercial gym to bust through plateaus. This heavy-duty bar is constructed from 12-gauge steel with chrome plate sleeves that can accommodate Olympic and bumper plates with a 2” sleeve opening. Strong enough to hold up to 300 lb, the OB-MULTI has a unique design with 6 ergonomically positioned grip handles to reduce shoulder strain that may be caused from a more natural bench press. This unique bar is great for adding variation to standard bench presses, curls, rows, and skull crushers. The 6” grip handles have a powder coated black matte finish that creates texture for a secure grip on the bar. Measuring 73” long and weighing 26 lb, use the Valor Fitness OB-MULTI to recruit more muscles by alternating the angle in which you perform some of your favorite workouts.

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