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AST-27 Aerobic Step Platform

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AST-27 Valor Fitness Aerobic Step
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The Valor Fitness AST-27 Adjustable Aerobic Step Platform is a lightweight, adjustable stepping platform that is a perfect addition to any home gym. This product, with its compact design, is a tool that brings high intensity to a wide variety of exercises that are great for boosting your metabolism, working your cardiovascular system, and for losing weight! Using this platform allows for both upper and lower body exercises resulting in a total body workout. Constructed of hard plastic for maximum durability with a shock absorbing non-skid surface, the AST-27 can hold up to 500 lb and has rubber stoppers on the bottom to prevent scratching on gym floors. The small footprint and lightweight design allow this product to be easily moved from one location to the next. 2 risers are included in the purchase, which allow the user to increase the intensity of their workouts by extending the height of the AST-27 from 4” to 6”. The risers lock in the bottom of the unit on both sides to ensure stability and safety during use. When not in use, the risers can be easily stored underneath the platform. Useful exercises to achieve the total body workout you have been looking for include basic step-ups, incline or decline push-ups, split squats, dips, and many more. Use the Valor Fitness AST-27 Adjustable Aerobic Step Platform in any home or light-commercial gym setting for a great aerobic workout.

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