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BD-19 Sawtooth Rack for Squats and Bench Press

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BD-19 Sawtooth Squat / Bench Combo
Part Number: 844192001915
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The Valor Fitness BD-19 Sawtooth Rack is ideal for squat movements as well as in conjunction with a utility bench for flat, incline, and decline bench press movements. With 43.5” inches of inside working space, this unit is constructed of 2” x 2” 12-gauge steel to demonstrate superior strength and durability. The BD-19 has 4 feet for stability, with each foot encased with a rubber plate for further safety and stability while also protecting your floor from damage. This versatile rack has 9 sawtooth height adjustments, measuring 6” apart making it a great addition to any home gym with single or multiple users. Purchase of the BD-19 also includes 2 adjustable safety catches, measuring 12” each, that can be adjusted in 8 different positions and provide additional safety to the user in the event the lift can not be completed. If you are also looking to keep your home gym clean and organized, the BD-19 has 4 Olympic plate storage pegs (2 on each side measuring 8” each) to easily store your Olympic plates. When the storage pegs are loaded, this already stable unit becomes even more stable. With a maximum weight load of 600 lb, the BD-19 Sawtooth Rack for Squats and Bench Press will bring versatility to your gym and help you meet your fitness goals.

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