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BD-21 ValorPRO Yoke

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BD-21 ValorPRO Yoke Rack
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The Valor Fitness BD-21 Yoke is a versatile piece of equipment being a functional all-in-one rack. Featuring 2”x3” 11-gauge solid steel uprights with 41.5” of inside working space, versatile skid sled style/storage feet with 4 10” weight pegs, J-Hooks for bar support, and a weight capacity of 750lbs. Fully adjustable crossbar and pull up bar with locking popper pins and a 72” height range allows customization to any workout, from a basic yoke carry to the Zercher Carry, Zercher Squat, pull-up station, squat station, bench station, and sled training exercises. The numerous possibilities for this unit, make it an all-in-one option for a home/garage gym.

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