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BD-21 Yoke Rack
BD-21 Yoke Rack

BD-21 Yoke Rack

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Product name: BD-21 ValorPRO Yoke Rack
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The Yoke is an all-in-one, functional and versatile piece of equipment that tests several of an athlete’s strengths. The Valor Fitness BD-21 Yoke Rack is a solid unit constructed of 11-gauge steel with 2” x 3” tubing that will withstand the most rigorous workouts to last over time. This versatile rack can be used as a pull-up station where you can also perform muscle-ups, while also utilizing the J-hooks to perform squats and bench presses. In addition to these movements, the BD-21 brings even more versatility by allowing the user to execute yoke carries and zercher carries. These multiple-muscle building exercises are achieved with the use of the unique skid style foot at each corner of the Yoke Rack, which allows the user to lift and smoothly slide the unit for sled training exercises. The rack itself weighs 160 lb, while the storage pegs at each corner allow you to add bumper plates and increase the intensity of your workout. The pegs also serve to add further stability to the BD-21 when it is weighted down to perform exercises using the pull-up bar. Both the pull-up bar and crossbar can be adjusted with locking pins and a height range of 76”. The j-hooks on either side for barbell storage during bench press and squats can also be adjusted along the uprights of the frame. For further safety, add the adjustable MB-Y Safety Bar Catch (sold as a bundle option) to help in the event the lift cannot be completed. The frame itself allows 42.5” inches of inside working space to perform the sled training exercises and can easily accommodate a bench for bench press workouts. If you are looking to put even your greatest strengths to the test, the BD-21 Yoke Rack with a maximum weight load of 750 lb is the perfect addition to your home or light-commercial gym.

Part Number: 844192007061

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