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BD-41 Power Rack
BD-41 Power Rack

BD-41 Power Rack

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If you are building the ultimate home gym, then the Valor Fitness BD-41 Power Cage is an essential addition! This heavy-duty rack is constructed with 2.5” x 2.5”, 12-gauge steel with triangular rubber base caps on each foot for strength and durability throughout the unit. With this strong, stable unit, you can easily perform a wide variety of strength training exercises such as squats, bench press, rack pulls, and pull-ups in the comfort of your own home gym. With 43” between the uprights of the frame, you can easily slide your favorite bench in to perform bench press exercises.

The versatile BD-41 includes J-hooks so you can easily rack and unrack your barbell. These J-hooks are constructed of high-quality steel, with a rugged plastic padding that provides shock absorption to safely rack and protect your bar. With 27 variable positions for bar support, ranging in height from 16” to 67” with a vibrant numbering system, the J-hooks can easily be adjusted to your preferred position. The 1” diameter holes at each adjustment position also accommodate the safety bars, which protect you in the event the lift can’t be completed, or simply to rest your bar on. At the top of the rack, the multi-grip pull-up bar allows you to add more variety to your workout in one space, with 6 ergonomically positioned handles for different variations of pull-ups or chin-ups. Band peg holes positioned along the top and bottom of the rack also allow users to add additional resistance to their workouts by simply looping the bands around the band pegs and the sleeve of their barbell.

With 2 storage pegs on each side of the rear of the unit, users can easily store a number of their weight plates on the BD-41 and solve the issue of plates laying around the floor. Allowing a clean and organized home gym, each storage peg measures 8” in length with a 1” diameter to accommodate both 1” standard plates and 2” Olympic plates – for a more snug and secure fit for the 2” Olympic plates, users can add an EX-10 Olympic Adapter Sleeve that converts 1” standard storage pegs to 2” Olympic storage pegs (sold separately).

Need more? Check out our BD-41L (Lat Bar & Cable Row Accessory)

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