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BD-57 Pull-Up Rack

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Looking for the functionality and durability of a RIG in your home gym? Look no further. Introducing the Valor Fitness BD-57 Pull-Up Rack. The BD-57 is an extremely versatile unit built for home gyms, as well as light-commercial settings. Constructed of the same 11-gauge steel as Valor Fitness’ Commercial Grade RIGs, the BD-57 has an extremely strong and durable 3” x 3” frame with a floor mount base support. For even further support and stability, the unit can be bolted to the floor if required. Storage pegs on the back of the unit allow for an organized home gym by storing plates, while adding even further stability to an already strong frame. Additionally, the BD-57 is compatible with the Valor Fitness RG-14 Plate Storage Attachment (sold separately) for additional side plate storage.

The pull-up bar at the top of the rack is a staple of this product. It is durable and allows enough room for the user to perform more exercises than on pull-up bars on many other racks or cages. There is ample room and stability to perform basic pull-ups or chin-ups, as well as more advanced exercises such as butterfly pull-ups, muscle-ups, and toes-to-bar. When performing these exercises on the pull-up bar, it is suggested that users face the rear crossbeam with the storage pegs if the unit is not bolted to the floor – this will ensure maximum efficiency. In addition to exercises using the pull-up bar, the user can perform both squats and bench press with the BD-57, as the purchase of one also includes 2 J-hooks.

There is plenty of room for a bench, adjustable or flat, to be inserted into the frame for bench press exercises. With 18 variable positions, the user can easily adjust either accessory to their preferred position with a numbering system every 3 positions. The pull-up bar can be used at the lowest height of 65” (possibly learning the bar muscle-up maneuver or chest-to-bar pull up while feet are extended forward on the ground) to a maximum height of 96”, allowing taller users to comfortable swing their body for bar muscle-ups. However, once the pull-up bar is bolted in it is not meant to adjust. If you are looking to meet the height needs of multiple users, it is suggested the pull-up bar is bolted in to fit the needs of the taller user – the shorter user can use a Valor Fitness RG-20 Step Plate (sold separately) to reach the pull-up bar. The Pull-Up Rack is also compatible with the Valor Fitness RG-19 Safety Spotter Arms (sold separately), as well as the Valor Fitness RG-17 Dip Attachment (sold separately), further adding to its versatility.

Weighing 189 lb, this product has a maximum weight load of 1,000 lb with a 5-year warranty while kept inside an open-air climate from outdoor elements. Meeting a variety of needs, the Valor Fitness BD-57 is the perfect rack to take your home gym to the next level.

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