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BD-58 Half Rack
BD-58 Half Rack

BD-58 Half Rack

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Valor Fitness PRO BD-58 Half Rack w/Plate Storage, Multi-Grip Pull Up Station, Bar Storage, and Band Pegs
Part Number: 844192007085
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The Valor Fitness BD-58 Half Rack provides everything you need to maximize your home gym while keeping safety in mind. The BD-58 frame is constructed from 3” x 3” 11-gauge Steel for strength and durability throughout the frame and is designed with a floor mount base to prevent any movement in frame. Designed for a weight capacity of 1,000 lb. Extra-long, 23” long safety bars have been included for added security. This feature also allows the 4 band pegs that attach to safety bars for the option make your workout even more challenging by adding resistance bands. 2 J-Hooks are included for each side of frame for squats and bench presses. At the top of BD-58 Rack is a unique multi-grip pull up station. Six different hand grips allow for a range of pull up options including traditional, inside, outside, and 45-degree angle. Finally, the BD-58 includes an ample amount storage including an Olympic Bar Holder on the side of the frame to easily hook and store your weightlifting bar after a workout. 6 Plate Storage Pegs on the back of the unit easily organize bumper plates for a safe and clean home gym. Bundle option available to add the PTFM-58 Weightlifting Platform, constructed of bamboo boards and a metal frame for firm footing and safety while lifting heavy loads. Includes a Transition Plate to prevent tripping when walking on or off the platform. Measuring 81” x 42” x 1.25”, the platform easily slides between each upright on the BD-58. The Valor Fitness BD-58 provides the rugged feel of a RIG, with the functionality of a Power Rack station. The BD-58 will provide everything you need to complete your home gym while keeping safety and organization in mind. This product is meant for light-commercial use. Warranty: 5-year frame, 2-year platform.

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