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BD-7BCC Power Rack with Lat Pull & Cable Crossover Attachments

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The BD-7BCC Bundle contains all the attributes of the BD-7 Power Rack w/ Lat Pull Attachment, with the added benefit of the BD-CC2.0 Cable Crossover Attachment. The BD-7 Power Rack w/ Lat Pull Attachment is a versatile rack that is an ideal addition to any home, garage, or light-commercial gym. With a 2” x 2” 12-gauge steel frame, this heavy-duty unit has rubber base caps on each foot for safety, stability, and floor protection. The BD-7 Power Rack includes a straight pull-up bar with a knurled grip at the top to build strength in your upper body. A key component of this unit is the Lat Pull Down station included at the rear of the unit. With this feature of the BD-7, users can use the 38” lat pull bar at the top to perform lat pull down exercises as well as the 20” accessory pull down bar at the bottom to perform cable curls and cable rows. This feature will add more versatility to your workout regimen with a cable that travels 60”. The lap bar is included to secure the user in place (if they slide a bench in the frame) while performing lat pull down exercises. The Cable Crossover Attachment includes 2 attachable cable machines to fit both sides of the power rack, as well as 2 adjustable handles that attach to the pulley system. Each side of the attachment features 17 adjustable positions and a pulley system that works with you as you step out for more stretch or intensity. The double bar track on the cable crossovers creates more stability and a smoother movement when using either Olympic or standard plates. Max weights: 500 lb if using the bar catchers outside of the cage, 650 lb if using the bar catchers inside the cage, and 800 lb for safety bars. 250 lb max weight load on the lat pull and cable crossovers.

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