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BD-CC2.0 Valor Fitness Cage Cable Crossover Attachment 2.0" Frame

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If you are looking to achieve total body conditioning, improve athletic performance, and sculpt your body and you currently own a BD-7 or BD-33 Power Cage, then look no further as the Valor Fitness BD-CC2.0 Cable Crossover Attachment is for you. This attachment transforms your power cage into a full cable crossover machine, providing you the ability to get the full benefit of a gym style crossover machine in your home or studio without breaking the bank.

Constructed of heavy duty steel, with 17 adjustable positions and a pulley system that works with you as you step out for more stretch, you can target a variety of muscle groups. Each pulley has a double bar track that creates more stability and a smoother movement when using either Olympic or standard plates. Two single adjustable handles are included.

Have the BD-11 or BD-41? Then you will need the Valor Fitness BD-CC2.5. Click here for the Cable Crossover Attachments for those cages.

Click here for CC-2.0 Line-art for the BD-7 or BD-33.

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