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BF-48 Olympic Bench Pro with Spotter Stand

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BF-48 Olympic Weight Bench Max
Part Number: 844192000901
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The Valor BF-48 Olympic Bench PRO is prefect for the novice to the competitive lifter. It is constructed of 11-gauge steel in high stress points (the uprights), and 12-gauge steel in the lower frame making it strong, solid, dependable and built to last. The BF-48 has adjustable safety catches on both sides, and two fixed bar hold positions on the uprights. It is also equipped with a stand for added stability for a spotter. Featuring a 3” high density rebounding pad that contours near the shoulders to have proper freedom of movement. This tripod bench style allows for added stability while lifting at any weight. Each base foot is encased in a rubber cap not only to protect your floor finish in your home gym, but to also add grip and stability.

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