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BG-23 Kettlebell Rack
BG-23 Kettlebell Rack

BG-23 Kettlebell Rack

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The Valor Fitness BG-23 Kettlebell Storage Rack is an essential addition to any gym with a kettle bell weight set, whether it be a home/garage, light-commercial, or box gym setting! Featuring 2 flat shelves with a protective plastic layer, this heavy-duty kettle bell rack was designed to give your kettlebell weights a true home and keep them off the ground. Each shelf features a barrier on either end to prevent your kettle bells from falling off the edge, while the protective plastic cover on each shelf prevents damage to the rack itself but more importantly your kettle bell set from chipping and getting scuff marks from a hard ground surface. Each shelf, with the ability to hold up to 300 lb each (600 lb total max weight load) measures 42" long and 8.25" deep, and is held up by a curved, 12-gauge steel frame uprights to ensure a solid foundation and reliable storage rack. The Valor Fitness BG-23 is a kettlebell holder that gives you the opportunity to keep an organized gym by keeping all kettle bells in a confined space, measuring only 20.5" x 45.5" x 33".
Part Number: 844192009768

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