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BG-50 Wall Ball & Med Ball Rack

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BG-50 Accessory Ball Storage Rack
Part Number: 844192002684
Availability: Available In Stock
The Valor Fitness BG-50 is the perfect addition to your home or light-commercial gym to save space and store your favorite wall balls, medicine balls, or slam balls! Constructed of heavy-duty steel, the BG-50 features 5 steel tube brackets that are secured to the frame with a self-locking nut – each bracket can accommodate an exercise ball of up to 50 lb, for a total maximum weight capacity of 250 lb across all 5 brackets. Each bracket is 8” deep and 6” wide to easily fit a wall ball, medicine ball, or slam ball with 13.5” between the next bracket. The U-shaped support base ensures a solid frame while the cross-support beam at the bottom adds further stability to the unit. Measuring 24” x 18” x 65” you can store up to 5 balls in an organized, confined space with the BG-50!

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