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BG-59 Exercise Ball Rolling Rack
BG-59 Exercise Ball Rolling Rack

BG-59 Exercise Ball Rolling Rack

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Product name: BG-59 ValorPRO Exercise Ball Rolling Rack
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The Valor Fitness BG-59 Rolling Rack for Exercise Balls with 4-Tier Shelf is a great addition to any home or light-commercial gym looking to save space and easily transport exercise balls. This durable rack constructed of heavy-duty steel has 4 locking caster wheels for a stable frame. With 4 shelves, users can store numerous exercise balls such as wall balls, medicine balls, and slam balls. Each shelf can be adjusted to meet the varying sizes of different exercise balls, with 2 slot options per shelf. Each shelf measures 15” apart vertically, allowing more than enough room for multiple exercise balls to be placed on each shelf. By storing different kinds of medicine balls on the BG-59 shelves, users will save space and allow for a clean and organized home or light-commercial gym by putting all of them in one location and picking them up off the floor, which also prevents a possible safety hazard. The locking caster wheels allow for easy transportation around your gym setting, while they can be locked into place once they arrive at the desired location. Keep your fitness environment safe and clean by storing your favorite exercise balls with the Valor Fitness BG-59 Rolling Rack!
Part Number: 844192007474

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