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BG-62 Multi-Function Storage Rack

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The Valor Fitness BG-62 Multi-Function Storage Rack is a 4-tier bookshelf style storage rack that supplies ample room for personal equipment needs providing effective storage options. Constructed of heavy duty 11-gauge steel with a 3” x 3” frame for strength and durability. This uniquely designed storage rack is built to store wall balls, kettle bells, dumbbells, bumper plates, and Standard or Olympic Barbells. Two 1-inch steel tubes at the top of the unit support Valor Fitness Wall Balls and Wall Ball PROs without denting or flattening the Wall Balls during storage. Second shelf includes an ergonomically designed structure with 2 shelves for storage space and a slightly angled design, allowing the user quick identification and accessibility during exercise. Perfect for use with Valor Fitness Rubber Hex Dumbbells. The third shelf features additional bumper plate storage below the unit with four adjustable plate dividers to store plates upright for easy access. Use with Valor Fitness BPKG Bumper Plates. Finally, the four barbell storage locations at each corner of the storage rack vertically store Olympic or Standard Barbells. Whether you are looking for storage in a home or commercial gym, this would be a great addition to either. 2-year warranty.

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