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BH-12 Wall Mount 6-Bar Storage Rack

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BH-12 ValorPRO Wall Mount Olympic Bar Rack
Part Number: 844192007146
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The Valor Fitness BH-12 6-Bar Wall Mount Storage Rack offers storage for your Olympic barbells to protect them while also creating a safe, clean, and organized home or light-commercial gym. Constructed of heavy-duty steel with a powder coat finish, each barbell slot on the BH-20 features a cupped design for each barbell, allowing the support of either the sleeve or the shaft of any standard barbell. The barbell slots are encased with a protective insert to prevent scratching on your barbells as well as excessive wear and tear. The BH-12 consists of 2 brackets measuring 41” tall – the brackets can be spaced to the preference of the user, but should accommodate the barbell shaft on each side for the most efficient storage. This unit can store up to 6 barbells, and easily mounts to a wall to save space in your home or light-commercial gym. With 6” between each bar slot, users can easily rack or unrack 15 kg/33 lb and 20kg/44 lb Olympic bars as well as aluminum training bars from the Valor Fitness BH-12 6-Bar Wall Mount Storage Rack.

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