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BH-16 Bumper Plate Rack
BH-16 Bumper Plate Rack

BH-16 Bumper Plate Rack

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Product name: BH-16 Bumper Plate Rack
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The Valor Fitness BH-16 Horizontal Bumper Plate Rack is designed to easily store and organize bumper plates in home and light-commercial gyms. With its low-profile, you can seamlessly store and transport your bumper and change plates throughout your fitness environment. Constructed of heavy-duty steel with a rugged powder-coat finish, the BH-16 stores all bumper plate sizes vertically in each slot to avoid the safety hazard of plates sprawled all over the gym floor. This unit features 16 slots to store plates of different sizes, including 10 taller slots for bumper plates and 6 shorter slots to accommodate change plates. The BH-16 can easily be moved around the gym using the foam padded handle and high-impact wheels at the back. It is lightweight and can be easily moved when empty or loaded with up to 250 lb worth plates at once with the help of the handle and wheels. The Valor Fitness BH-16, measuring 53.75” x 13.5” x 10.75”, is the perfect addition to any home or light-commercial gym to save space and organize equipment.

Part Number: 844192005852

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