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BH-17 Bumper Plate Tree
BH-17 Bumper Plate Tree

BH-17 Bumper Plate Tree

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Product name: BH-17 Bumper Plate Tree
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A common issue for many home and commercial gyms is the amount of clutter caused by the bumper plates scattered all over the floor. If this is an issue with your fitness environment, then the Valor Fitness BH-17 Bumper Plate Storage Tree is the answer. This heavy-duty unit is constructed of 12-gauge steel for strength and durability with a rugged, stable base that can hold up to 1,000 lb of bumper plates. The 6 continuous steel rack pegs (3 on each side) measure 10” in length and 2” in diameter and are designed to easily hold bumper plates with 2” opening without problem. Each peg measures 17.5” apart, with the lowest pegs measuring 11.5” from the ground. The BH-17 was designed with central weight distribution to eliminate risk of tipping or any other concerns with bumper plate storage. For further stability, rubber caps are included to encase each foot while also preventing damage to gym flooring. If the user decides not to use the rubber caps, each base has a hole so it can be easily bolted to the floor for increased stability (hardware not included). Measuring 31” x 29” x 54.5”, the Valor Fitness BH-17 is the perfect addition to any home or light-commercial gym hoping to keep a clean and organized fitness space.

Part Number: 844192005906

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