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BH-7 Olympic Plate Storage Rack with Bar Storage

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BH-7 Olympic Bar and Plate Rack
Part Number: 844192000086
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The Valor Fitness BH-7 Olympic Plate Storage Rack with Olympic Bar Storage is an essential addition to any home or light-commercial gym to keep the weights and barbells off the floor. Constructed of a 2.75” x 2” and 2.25” x 2.25” steel frame, the BH-7 has 3 storage pegs on each side that make it easy to organize, store, and access Olympic plates with a 2” opening. Each peg can hold up to 150 lb worth of plates for a total maximum weight load of 900 lb. The U-shaped legs raise the frame and storage pegs further from the floor to fit larger plates on the bottom pegs. Also featured on the BH-7 are 2 chrome sleeve inserts to efficiently store Olympic sized barbells. Designed with central weight distribution to eliminate the risk of tipping over and any other safety concerns, the Valor Fitness BH-7 is the perfect unit to help keep a clean and organized gym.

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