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BH-9 Olympic Plate Storage Tree with Bar Storage

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BH-9 Olympic Bar and Plate Rack
Part Number: 844192000987
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In any fitness environment, it is always important to maintain organization and cleanliness, avoiding clutter to avoid any potential safety hazards. In addition to a safety hazard, the lack of organization and cleanliness can simply make it more difficult to find all your equipment. If this is an issue you are having in your home or light-commercial gym, then the Valor Fitness BH-9 Olympic Plate Storage Tree with Olympic Bar Storage is a perfect addition. Constructed of a 2” x 2” steel frame, the BH-9 is strong and durable having been designed with central weight distribution to eliminate the risk of tipping over or any other safety concerns. This unit also features rubber end caps that encase each foot for further stability, while preventing scratching and other damage to gym flooring. With 6 total chrome storage pegs measuring 8” each, users can make it easy to organize, store, and access up 1,200 lb worth of Olympic plates with 2” opening (200 lb maximum capacity per storage peg). With 3 storage pegs on each side of the tree, the top pegs measure 11.5” from the middle pegs, while the middle pegs are approximately 14.25” from the bottom pegs which are 10.5” off the ground. This may allow users to store bumper plates on the bottom 2 pegs with the extra distance from the middle pegs. What sets this storage tree from many others is the 2” barbell sleeve inserts on each side to easily store Olympic sized bars, further allowing you to keep any workout area clear of clutter. Each sleeve insert for barbell storage is welded into the bottom piece of the frame to ensure it efficiently stores an Olympic sized bar in an upright manner and will not tip over. The heavy-duty Valor Fitness BH-9 Olympic Plate Storage Tree is the perfect addition to any home or light-commercial gym to save space and easily access all your Olympic plates and bars.

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