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BPP-35 Bumper Plate Pro 35 lb (Sold Individually)
BPP-35 Bumper Plate Pro 35 lb (Sold Individually)

BPP-35 Bumper Plate Pro 35 lb (Sold Individually)

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The Valor Fitness BPP Bumper Plate Pros are designed to withstand punishment, provide safety to users, and prevent damage to gym flooring in any studio, gym or box! Constructed of all-purpose synthetic rubber with a gloss finish, the BPP’s have rubber shell that is molded to a center steel ring/insert to ensure strength and stability of the bumper plate. These heavy-duty, high-quality bumper plates are ideal for Olympic weightlifting training and strength training and accommodate standard Olympic barbells with the 2” opening center hub made of stainless-steel. Each bumper plate is color-coded according to its weight in the center around the steel insert and a stripe that wraps around the perimeter of the plate. This allows for easy identification from any distance or angle and allows users to seamlessly transition during workouts by easily finding the correct plates they need. Though increasing in thickness, each bumper plate measures 17.5” in diameter. Please note that the BPP-10 and BPP-15 are not designed or intended to be dropped on the bar without additional weight plates. To ensure no damage is caused, the 10 lb and 15 lb Bumper Plate Pro’s should gently be returned to the starting position. Using at least a 25 lb plate (BPP-25) in conjunction with the BPP-10 or BPP-15 will not cause damage to these plates.

Part Number: 844192002929

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