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BR-Clasp Rope Clamp for Climbing Rope
BR-Clasp Rope Clamp for Climbing Rope

BR-Clasp Rope Clamp for Climbing Rope

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Product name: BR-Clasp Rope Clasp
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The Valor Fitness BR-Clasp Rope Clasp can convert a standard 1.5" rope into the ultimate climbing rope station. Constructed of heavy-duty steel to ensure a safe rope climbing workout, this rope clamp can handle a maximum weight load of 750 lb. Note: if you are using a rope that has a lower weight load than the rope clamp, then abide by the lower weight load guidelines from your rope.

When properly bolted in, the BR-Clasp will fit snug around the rope for maximum safety. The user will have to pre-drill holes in the rope to ensure the bolts fit smoothly through the rope to secure the clasp (hardware included). With the loop at the end of the clasp, you can easily attach your climbing rope to a ceiling anchor. Please ensure the rope clamp is attached in a location that can bear the maximum weight load for safety purposes. The BR-Clasp is best used with a heavy-duty carabiner clip to connect to an attachment for hanging.

Part Number: 844192005173

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