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BR-Clasp Rope Clasp

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BR-Clasp Rope Clasp
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BR-Clasp can be attached vertically for rope climbing or attached horizontally for heavy-rope training movements that include waves, slams, throws, spirals, and whips. The user may also attach a clasp at either end of the rope and anchor horizontally and use for horizontal hanging-type movements.

It is suggested that you pre-drill the holes at the end of the rope (through the protective end covering) and then slide the bolt through and firmly secure the nut on the outside end.

Recommended max weight load: The clasp itself can bear the weight of 750lbs, but the actual weight load will also depend on what you have the clasp attached to. Please ensure that the entire attachment can manage the entire load (Clasp, Rope and weight of person) when considering attachment points for climbing.


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