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CA-16 Valor Fitness VKR Tower

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CA-16 - Valor Fitness VKR Tower
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The Valor Fitness CA-16 VKR Tower is a great space saver that will challenge your natural body strength by providing multiple workouts. It is ideal for your home or commercial studio.

What sets the Valor Fitness VKR Tower apart from traditional towers is the multi-grip pull up station. Rather than a straight wide grip pullup bar, the Valor Fitness VKR Tower provides multiple grips to challenge your upper body to the max. Combine this with the push up handles for chest workouts that double for seated triceps dips, a heavy-duty arm rest with double stitching and high-density foam for comfort and durability, and Valor’s heavy duty steel construction, you will feel confident that the VKR Tower will stand up to the most demanding fitness environment.

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