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CA-2 Adjustable 1" Speed Bag Platform with Bag

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CA-2 Speed Bag Platform (Comes with Bag and Pump)
Part Number: 844192000093
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The Valor Fitness CA-2 Boxing Speed Bag Platform with Bag was made with the thought process of how a speed bag platform should work. The 2” x 2” frame with 1” 12-gauge steel tubes holds the platform and frame together for maximum stability, while the steel tubes allow all of the energy to be transferred back through the platform to the speed bag while in use. The mounting brackets allow the user to easily mount the platform on the wall, as cement anchors and large wooden bolts are included in the purchase. This unit is built with a 1” thick Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), while the 360-degree rotating swivel allows the added speed and efficiency required in the boxing ring. The adjustable worm drive accommodates all athletes by allowing each user to choose their preferred height, allowing for 13” of adjustable range of motion. The 4 locking screw nuts on back of the frame prevents shaking. Simply turn the locks to loosen and move the platform to the desired level with the wheel crank below the unit and retighten – the unit will easily slide on chrome-plated tubes. Purchase includes pump. Please note that Valor Fitness Speed Bags are built to fit our products.

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