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CA-28 Leg Stretch Machine

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CA-28 - ValorPRO Leg Stretcher
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The Valor Fitness CA-28 PRO Leg Stretcher stretches your muscles beyond their comfort zone for a maximum stretch. It is the essential piece of equipment for your home or commercial studio. Whether your goal is to deliver a more powerful high kick or to improve your athletic elasticity, the CA-28 will improve the flexibility of quads, hamstrings, and abductors.

Constructed of heavy-duty steel for strength and durability and high-density, dual-layered padding. Designed with a unique wheel and gear system to gradually deepen the stretch at your own pace. Adjustments happen smoothly from the vinyl wheels located at the bottom of each leg frame. Seat pad has been designed to show the degrees for the user to visually see the progress and increased flexibility over time. The CA-28 offers the option to extend over 180-degrees to accommodate users at any flexibility level. The back pad has two adjustments to allow the option to sit up or tilt back depending on which position feels more comfortable.

Additionally, the center frame with hand grip and two pegs allow the user to forward fold and deepen the stretch. 6 additional pegs on each side of the machine allow the user to change the placement of the hand grip to provide leverage when stretching one side or muscle group at a time. Users may also change the placement of the leg support pads depending on which placement feels best.

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