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CA-32 Back Stretch Machine and Leg Stretcher

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CA-32 Valor Fitness Back Stretch Machine
Part Number: 844192007566
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The Valor Fitness CA-32 Back Stretch Machine allows you to target multiple muscle groups to improve athletic performance, lifestyle, and to prevent injury. Professional athletes have used back stretch machines to maintain flexibility and range of motion before and after physical activity.

Constructed from solid steel for a stable and sturdy frame and high-density, dual-layered padding, the CA-32 can withstand repeated use in home or commercial studios. A 180-degree range of motion makes it perfect for any user at any flexibility level who are looking to warm up, improve mobility, and reduce muscle pain and soreness.

Large padded grip handle bar allows for multiple grip options for users to target different muscle groups while stretching. With soft, padded grips that allow the user to relax and enjoy the stretch comfortably. Grip handles can be moved up or down with 5 adjustment options for your comfort and convenience.

Purchase includes wrist wraps for safety. Perfect addition to any home or light-commercial gym.

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