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CB-11 Standing Arm Curl Station

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CB-11 Standing Arm Curl w/Pivot
Part Number: 844192001748
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CB-11 Features: Focuses strictly on your bicep muscle group. Why a standing arm curl bench? Most seated curl benches do not lower you far enough to wedge the bench pad under your arms far enough which results in unwanted stress on your elbow joints. By lowering your body down onto the arm pad will isolate your biceps as well as taking the pressure off your back from sitting on a seat. The CB-11 also offers 2 unique features. 1: A pivoting arm pad. This allows the user arms to rotate upward as the bar is brought up to the full position. 2: A standing seat post. This allows the user to have a little support as he/she lowers their body weight to help with the curl process.

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