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CB-11 Standing Arm Curl w/Pivot Arm Pad

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CB-11 Standing Arm Curl w/Pivot
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The CB-11 Valor Fitness Standing Arm (Preacher) Curl bench focuses strictly on your bicep muscle group.

The CB-11 also offers 2 unique features.

  1. A pivoting arm pad. This allows the user arms to rotate upward as the bar is brought up to the full position.
  2. A standing seat post (saddle pad design exclusive to Valor Fitness).

This allows the user to have a little support as he/she lowers their body weight to help with the curl process.

Pivot pad can be locked into a stationary position or unlocked to perform pivot function while doing arm curls. Height is adjustable from 48.75" to 56" from floor with popper pin. Saddle pad is also adjustable from 25" to 30.875" from floor allowing the user to find that perfect combination for ultimate comfort.

Frame manufactured from 2" x 2" 12-gauge steel with a pewter finish. Each foot base is encased in a rubber pad to not only protect your floor but to also add stability under heavy weight loads while lifting.


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