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CB-12 Lat Pull Down/PLG/Low Row

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CB-12 Plate Loading Lat Pull Down
Part Number: 844192001021
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The Valor Fitness CB-12 Lat Pull down Unit offers several workouts in one machine. From the top of the unit, there is the lat pull bar which offers a bar holder so that the lat pull bar can be easily moved up and out of the way during other exercises. Take into account that with this feature, the height of the unit can exceed the standard 80 height by 2 . The lat pull unit comes standard with both a 38 lat pull bar as well as a 20 lower lat bar. Upgraded bars and other accessories are available through Valor Fitness.

The middle section on the unit offers a seated crunch with harness strap that clips onto the lat pull cable. Vinyl upholstered seat and back pads offer comfort while the 2 weight plates offer a variety of weight options for this workout. Simply select desired weight, secure plates with clips provided, situate ones self on the seat and attach harness. Crunches can be performed by bringing the torso forward to the users knees.

Down below on the unit is a pulley mechanism that allows the user to perform standing upright rows, stand up curls or seated rows. There is a foot plate for the user to flip up and gain resistance while doing the seated row option. This foot plate is comprised of solid steel and grip tape. Adjustable chain provided as well. During upright rows and standing chest curls, it is recommended that you remove the seat as not to damage the vinyl from contact with the chain. Seat pad is adjustable and removable via popper pin. Backside of the unit, there is a plate storage section with 2- 7 standard pegs. While these pegs are 1 wide, they can easily accommodate Olympic 2 plates as the unit only moves up and down. The spring clips included keep the plates secure. Just make sure that the plates are evenly distributed on the plate carriage as not to pinch the cable/ sliding mechanism. The plate storage feature also provides added stability to the unit during workouts. Frame comprised of 12g steel with Pewter finish and chrome/ black details.

Cable length of travel: 42" (1:1 Ratio)