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CB-14 Seated Row Machine

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CB-14 Plate Loaded Seated Row Machine / Chest Pull with Independent Arms
Part Number: 844192004886
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The Seated Row Machine is the ideal piece of back equipment for weight training for those looking to develop a strong muscular back, build depth in the middle back, target the upper back muscles, and strengthen the hard-to-reach lower lat muscles. Because the user can alternate from choice of two handle positions (wide fixed handles and narrow rotating handles), the Valor Fitness CB-14 offers a complete workout for the muscles that draw the rower's arms toward the body (latissimus dorsi) as well as those that retract the scapulae (trapezius and rhomboids) and those that support the spine (erector spinae). The chest pad offers the exerciser support so that the exercise is kept in rigid position for safe execution of the exercise. Dual pulling arms offer the user the option to work out each side independently or together. The Valor Fitness Seated Row / Chest Pull offers several adjustments to create the perfect balance for a great back workout.

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