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CB-14 Seated Row Machine
CB-14 Seated Row Machine

CB-14 Seated Row Machine

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CB-14 Plate Loaded Seated Row Machine / Chest Pull with Independent Arms
Part Number: 844192004886
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The back is one of the most neglected muscle groups in the body. However, the back muscles serve us in daily life activities, and should always be a focus when it comes to working out, whether at home or at your local commercial gym. The Valor Fitness CB-14 Seated Row Machine the ideal piece of back exercise equipment to develop a strong and muscular back by building depth in the middle back, while also strengthening the lat muscles! Like with any pulling exercise, the biceps are engaged so you can target this important part of your arm as a secondary muscle. Like a T Row or T Bar Row Machine, the CB-14 has a fixed wide grip handle to target similar back muscles. But in addition to that fixed handle, our Seated Row Machine also has a rotating handle that allows you to pivot your arm naturally during the row for a more comfortable movement/workout with less strain on your elbows! Each arm on this important back workout machine works independently of each other, giving you the option of working both sides at the same time or in an either manner - it's entirely up to you! Whichever way you choose, this feature gives you the chance to focus on each side of your back without one side doing most of the lifting so you have balanced back muscles. The seat and chest pad, which offers you support during your exercise and allows you to focus on pulling with the back muscles, are both adjustable to ensure you have the most comfortable fit during your workout! The CB-14 is a plate loaded machine that can accommodate both standard 1" weight plates and 2" Olympic weights or bumper plates. For a more snug fit on the weight storage pegs for your 2" weights, purchase of the CB-14 includes 2 Olympic sleeve adapters, as well as both Olympic and standard sized spring clips. With a maximum weight load of 200 lb per independent arm (400 lb total max weight load), the Valor Fitness Seated Row Machine/Chest Pull Machine is perfect for athletes of all levels!

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