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CB-31 Preacher Curl and Tricep Machine

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CB-31 Arm / Triceps Machine
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The CB-31 Arm and Triceps Machine is the perfect piece of equipment to develop strong arm muscles. The CB-31 frame is constructed of 2” x 2” solid steel strong enough to hold up to 400 lb of combined user and plate weight (150 lb on weight peg). Rubber end caps provide additional stability in the frame and protect home gym floors from damage or scratching. Designed with 3” thick, high-density, dual-layered vinyl padding on the arm cushion and seat pad to withstand intense stress and pressure. Seat pad includes 6 adjustments.

Sundial adjustment allows the user to adjust the hand grips to their perfect position and range of motion for their body type. Soft padding on hand grips provide a comfortable grip so you can lift heavier weights without any discomfort.

The CB-31 includes a post that can easily be removed and put back in place to adjust the weight giving the user the option to work their biceps or triceps. Position 1 (weight behind peg/high-set arm bar) works the triceps and Position 2 (weight in front of peg/low-set arm bar) works the biceps.


The CB-31 can fit Standard and Olympic Plates. Purchase includes one Olympic Sleeve Adapter, one Standard Spring Clip, and one Olympic Spring Clip for your convenience. Total footprint while the machine is resting 44” x 38.5” x 41.5”. Warranty- 3-year frame, 2-year padding, 1-year hardware.

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