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CB-5 Arm Curl / Preacher Curl Bench

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The Valor Fitness CB-5 Arm Curl Station is ideal for your commercial or home studios. Constructed from heavy-duty 2” x 2” steel for a strong and stable frame necessary when lifting heavy weight. Footprint measures 45” x 30.5” x 45.5”. Designed with high-quality and high-density dual-layered padding that can withstand stress from intense workouts. Angled pad measures 14.5” x 24”. Straight pad measures 11.5” x 23.5”.

Dual Positions allow the user the option to perform curls on both sides of the CB-5 Station to target different elements of the bicep preacher curl exercise. Extra-long 19.5” safety catches on both sides of the machine give you peace of mind while your lifting heavy weight by providing optimal security.

Meant for light commercial use. Warranty 3-year frame, 2-year pad.

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