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CB-6 Adjustable Preacher Curl Bench
CB-6 Adjustable Preacher Curl Bench

CB-6 Adjustable Preacher Curl Bench

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Product name: CB-6 Adjustable Arm Curl Bench
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The Valor Fitness CB-6 Adjustable Arm Curl Bench is constructed from 2” x 2” solid steel for a strong and sturdy frame. It includes Rubber End Caps at the base of the frame for added stability and to protect home gym floors from damage. High-density, dual layered, vinyl padding is meant to withstand intense stress after repeated use. Arm pad measures 24.5” x 16”.

Adjust this curl bench to create the best arm curl blaster for your biceps. Seat Pad adjusts in 5 positions (23” at highest, 18” at lowest), Arm Rest adjusts in 5 positions (41” at highest, 33” at lowest), and Bar Holder adjusts in 4 positions (24” at highest, 18.5” at lowest).

Bar Holder at the front of the unit measures 22” inside to inside and 25.5” outside to outside. The CB-6 could be used in combination with the Valor Fitness MB-47 or MB-47B Curls Bars.

 If you are looking for a curling bench with preacher pad, then look no further. The Valor Fitness CB Arm Curl/Preacher Curl Stations are an ideal addition to any home or light-commercial gym to build and strengthen the biceps. Designed with high-quality, dual-layered, contoured vinyl padding, users all of strength and skill levels can use these heavy-duty preacher benches for bicep curls to perform their favorite curl bar exercises, as well as some dumbbell curl exercises. Providing arm curl support, each Preacher Curl Station has a curl bar holder or safety catch to easily rack and unrack your curl bar – the CB-6 Adjustable Arm Curl Bench and the CB-11 Standing Arm Curl Station feature an adjustable bar holder while the CB-5 Standing Preacher Curl Station has fixed position safety catches. The CB-5 also has the added benefit of dual positions to perform preacher curls one side and spider curls on the other for a different range of motion and target your biceps and other arm muscles from a different angle. With multiple options available, the Valor Fitness CB Arm Curl/Preacher Curl Stations will help you target your biceps and build the arms you have been working towards.

Part Number: 844192000109

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