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CB-7 Arm Curl Station Rack

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CB-7 Curl Station Stand w Plate Storage
Part Number: 844192004855
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Consolidate all of your curl equipment with the Valor Fitness CB-7 Curl Station and Plate Storage Rack. A logical combination of the front portion of the CB-6 Arm Curl Bench and the BH-9 Olympic Plate Storage Tree with Bar Storage, the CB-7 gives you the ability to conveniently place your curl bar, getting it off the floor along with your Olympic or standard plates. Featuring a curl station/bar holder, users can conveniently rack and unrack their curl bar between sets, with a maximum weight load of 150 lb including the bar and weights. With 9 adjustable height settings, ranging from 24.5” to 32.25” high, bar storage can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of the user. When not in use, the curl bar can be stored upright in the 2” sleeve insert at the rear of the unit. In addition to storing a curl bar, users can also store up to 400 lb worth of plates with 2 plate storage pegs on each side. With storage pegs measuring 7.5” each, purchase of the CB-7 includes 4 Olympic sleeve adapters to accommodate 2” Olympic plates – the sleeves can be removed in order to also accommodate 1” standard plates if required. With a footprint measuring 22.5” x 23” x 33”, the Valor Fitness CB-7 Curl Station and Plate Storage Rack is a great addition to any home or light-commercial gym to store weight plates and provide users a convenient location to perform their favorite curl bar exercises.

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