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CC-10 Vertical Leg Press Machine

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The Valor Fitness CC-10 Vertical Leg Press Machine is the perfect addition to your home gym or commercial studio. This machine is constructed from 2” x 2” solid Steel for strength and stability, allowing the machine to hold up to 500 lb of weight plates, and is designed with a solid Steel, Hammer tone foot plate.

High-density, dual-layered vinyl padding is used to withstand intense stress over time. The large body pad measures 33.5” x 17.5” while the neck pad measures 10” x 7.5”. The ergonomic neck pad is contoured to fit the curve of the neck to eliminate any strain or discomfort.

This machine has been designed with 3 weight storage pegs instead of 1 or 2, to evenly disperse the weight on the machine to support more weight. This allows the user to lift heavier weight and meet personal goals. Holds Standard or Olympic Plates. Purchase includes 3 Olympic Sleeve Adapters.

The CC-10 can save space in a home gym while allowing the user to quickly build and strength the entire lower body and receive the same results as a commercial grade machine.

Warranty 3-year frame, 2-year padding, 1-year hardware. 

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