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CC-4 Leg Curl / Extension Machine

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CC-4 Valor Fitness Adjustable Leg Curl Machine
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The Valor Fitness CC-4 Adjustable Leg Curl Machine supports two key leg exercises while staying seated in the same location, leg extensions and leg curls. The easy to use Sun Dial Adjuster increases the range of motion to accommodate, as well as determine, when resistance is applied. Adjusting the high density foam back seat rest forwards and backwards, depending on the users body size, positions the legs in the most optimal position possible. During Leg Curls, adjust the thigh support rollers to apply a small amount of pressure on the thighs. This will prevent the users body from rising up during leg curl exercises, ensuring that the hamstrings exert maximum performance. Before loading desired weight for either exercise, confirm the locking pin is on the correct side of the lever arm. Weight Lever Arm can support both 1” Standard Size Plates or 2” Olympic Size Plate adapter (requires the EX-10 adapter of which is available for purchase). Heavy Duty Gauge Steel allows Maximum usable weight of 200lbs plus users weight.


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