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CH-2 Chalk

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CH-2 Chalk 1 Box = 8 pieces
Part Number: 844192007184
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“Valor Fitness CH-2 Gym Chalk for Improved Grip and Performance While Weight Lifting, Rock Climbing, or Cross Training” The CH-2 Gym Chalk is used to improve athlete’s grip and performance by keeping hands dry during exercise and absorbing perspiration for a secure grip. Great for all types of sports and exercises including cross training, gymnastics, rock climbing, Olympic lifting and more. Perfect for every athlete and home or commercial gym. This product is sold as a master pack. One box contains 8 blocks of 2 oz. chalk bricks that each measure 3.5 in. X 3.5 in. X 1.75 in. and are made of magnesium carbonate. Use in combination with the Valor Fitness CH-1 Chalk Holder Station for a clean workout space.

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