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CHN-Multi Multi-Grip Wall/Ceiling Mount Pull-Up Bar

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The Valor Fitness CHN-Multi Pull Up Bar is perfect addition to a home gym. The CHN-Multi has been constructed from heavy-duty Steel and powder coated to prevent rust or damage over time and is strong enough to hold up to 300 lbs. if mounted correctly to a cement surface. This product offers 6 unique grip positions to offer the option of performing a variety of pull-ups to focus on different muscle groups and meet fitness goals faster. Grip handles have been knurled/textured to provide a comfortable and strong grip on the handles to prevent slipping. What makes this pull up bar superior to others on the market is the ability to mount to either the wall or ceiling to save space. Please note that the CHN-Multi should be mounted to cement for safety and to hold max weight capacity. This product is commercial grade and weighs 41 pounds. The purchase includes hardware to mount the pull up bar. Footprint measures 43.5” X 21” X 15” when mounted to the wall and 43.5” X 9” X 23.25” when mounted to the ceiling. Commercial grade. 3-year warranty.

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