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DA-3 Flat Hard Core Bench

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DA-3 Flat Bench
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The Valor Fitness DA-3 Flat bench built on a 4-point stable base comprised of 2” x 3” 12-gauge steel continuous frame is built to stand stable and strong to endure any workout. The arched base allows you to place your feet on a raised support as you recline to begin your workouts. For some individuals, this helps take the pressure from the lower back. For others, it may be just the extra support they need for balance along with the high density, dual layer pad. This bench will deliver the same quality performance during every workout.  The bench pad is 2.75" thick and 10" wide by 44" long with a 2-year pad warranty.  4 base pads encased in a rubber cap help to protect the flooring in your home gym and add stability to your workouts.  Rubber foot pads measure 4.75" x 4.75", 3.25" x 3.2".  The Valor Fitness DA-3 Flat Bench can be used for a variety of workouts and exercises.  Recommended Max Weight Load is 550lbs.


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