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DA-6 Flat Bench Pro

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DA-6 Flat Bench
Part Number: 844192000703
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The DA-6 Valor Fitness Flat Bench will satisfy the needs for the heaviest workouts. In any situation, this flat bench will satisfy all needs as well as give you the most support and stability for the multitude of routines required by you. Tri-pod design frame base provides stability even in the event of an uneven flooring surface. Each foot base is encased in a rubber foot pad to help protect home gym flooring and provided extra stability under rigorous workouts. The Valor Fitness DA-6 bench maintains a lower profile than most competitor’s benches, measuring 16.25" from floor to top of pad. This allows the user to have feet firmly planted on floor during workouts instead of having to "tip-toe" while working out. Seat pad measures 2.75" thick, 45" in length and 11" wide.


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