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DA-7 Flat Bench

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DA-7 Flat Bench
Part Number: 844192000710
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The Valor Fitness DA-7 Flat Bench features a low profile design just 16.5" from floor (top of seat pad to floor) and a high density, dual-layer pad measuring 43.5"x10"x2.5", allowing the user to have feet firmly placed flat onto the floor for stability during workouts.  Lightweight bench design of 30lbs allows for easy mobility.  Just pick the bench up and move it to preferred place and position.  4-Rubber base caps encase each contact point with floor to help protect the flooring that it is placed on. Featuring a continuous frame design adds stability and increased allowance on max weight load, allowing up to 500lbs including user's weight, with extended pad support brackets adding extra support and seat stability reinforcement during workouts.


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