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DD-21 Incline/Flat Utility Bench W/Wheels

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DD-21 Incline / Flat Utility Bench with Wheels
Part Number: 844192002066
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The Valor Fitness DD-21 Incline/Flat Utility Bench with nylon wheels and non-slip grip handle offers a variety of options for each user.  Adjustable back pad and adjustable seat with popper pins allow user easy control of positioning. This bench can adjust from flat position (0-degrees) to an incline/ upright position of 70 degrees (4 variations in between) and the seat pad adjusts to 4 positions (0-60 degrees).  The pivot movement on adjustment creates a "V" position for the user which is ideal for dumbbells, butterflies, military press and incline bench press.  This "V" position supports the user and allows them greater stability under larger weight loads.  The 12-gauge, 2"x2" steel frame is supported by 4 rubber base caps to prevent damage to gym flooring.  Popper pin adjustment under seat and under back support for quick and easy adjustments. 2" thick padding with back rest length of 34.75" and a width of 10".  Both have continuous dual beam supports for added strength and durability.  Ideal for use with the Valor Fitness BE-11 Smith Machine featuring linear bearings. Also, this bench can be used with any power rack, such as the Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack or just as a utility bench for stationary workouts.  Comparable in style and utility to the Valor Fitness DD-3 bench, with upgrades to the design by adding nylon wheels and non-slip grip handle to frame for ease of mobility around your home gym or personal workout space.  Recommended max weight is 500lbs in flat position and 650lbs at 20-degree incline.

Degrees of Adjustment:

Position #1: 15 Degrees

Position #2: 25 Degrees

Position #3: 35 Degrees

Position #4: 45 Degrees

Position #5: 55 Degrees

Position #6: 62 Degrees

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