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DE-5 Ab/Back Machine

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DE-5 Ab / Back Machine
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A strong core is vital to performing most physical activities, and by strengthening your core you will be able to perform other exercises and activities much more effectively. Your core acts as the center of your body and helps you utilize every other part of your body to maximum efficiency. The Valor Fitness DE-5 Ab/Back Machine is a tool to help you strengthen this muscle group. Neglecting your core can have adverse effects on your everyday activities, but this machine offers a complete workout for the abdominal and lower back muscles. This heavy duty unit is constructed of 3” x 2” and 2” x 2” 12-gauge steel for strength and durability, while rubber end caps encase each foot to create additional stability in the frame while prevent floor damage. By simply moving the chest pad behind or in front of the body, the DE-5 can be used to strengthen the abs or the back. By using both options, this machine will strengthen the entire core to improve balance, posture, and improve athletic performance. The dual-layered, vinyl padding on the chest pad, seat, and ankle rollers will withstand stress under repeated use, while providing a comfortable environment during your workout. The Sun Dial adjustments allow the user to choose the chest pad position that works for them with 28 adjustments positions for a 295-degree range for either the ab or back functions. Purchase includes an Olympic Sleeve Adapter, which converts 1” plate pegs to 2” pegs, a 50 mm spring clip, and a 25mm spring clip.

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