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DF-1 Decline/Flat Bench Pro

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DF-1 Flat / Decline Utility Bench
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The Valor Fitness DF-1 Flat/Decline Bench is the best in its class when it comes to a decline bench and AB crunch board. Featuring a steel 4”x2”, 2”x2” frame with high density, contoured, dual layer pads ensures maximum comfort. Most steep declines put unwanted pressure on the lower back, but the DF-1 gives your back the support it needs. The contoured angle behind the knees along with the skin supports, distributes the pressure away from your knees and back. With 14 adjustment options from flat to decline, your bench will be secured in place with locking pins. The extra-wide base with rubber base caps provide stability even for every user. 

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Ideal for use with our Valor Fitness Dumbbells.


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